Level 2 CFA Society Classes


I was wondering if any of you attended the CFA Society classes in your home town. I’m planning to buy the Schweser materials for Level 2, just like I did for Level 1, and they are included in the class. The total cost is about $900, so the actual class is roughly $300 of that, with classes being once a week for 2-3 hours each.

From what I understand, each class is taught by an actual charterholder and there is roughly 18-20 classes. I’m still gathering details, but has anyone used these before? Thoughts?

When I studied for Level 1, there were times when I had questions and couldn’t talk to anyone face to face. I had to rely on AF ( which is great), along with the Ask an Instructor feature on Schweser, which was nice, but you had to wait until they were online which was rare.

Any thoughts on the classes would be welcomed.

I took NYSSA classes (NY society) for Levels 1 and 2, and found them helpful.

Nathan Ronen was the teacher. He’s very lively. He also clarifies topics that trip people up. You’ll find on the forum that some people love his style - some people don’t. Their classes were useful for me.

I’ve always heard great things about Nathan Ronen.

I’d like to meet him some day.

Great, thanks Haji! I imagine the Dallas classes will be very similar, although I think it’s multiple teachers instead of just one. I could be wrong.


Have you heard of John Harris? I’ve seen his name mentioned on here and he is hosting the class in my area. I’ve spoken to him and sounds like a bright guy.

I took Nathan Ronen for Level 2 and 3, and I would not have have passed without his classes. I self studied for Level 1 and passed. I took the same approach to Level 2 and got my rear end kicked (band 5). After that I went with Nathan’s weekly classes and that did the trick. His lectures are lively, he clarifies concepts, and lays out a concise and efficient study strategy for his attendees. If you aren’t in the NYC area, you can still sign up and view his classes as they’re loaded onto the NYSSA website. You will also have access to Nathan via email and phone. I was amazed at how available he is via phone and email.

Wow, I may have to go that route, although I don’t know if doing it online would be best with my study habits. I’m not in NY but it’s good to know I have options. Hmm…one thing seems almost clear and that’s that a class could be very beneficial. Thanks Dude.