Level 2 changes 2014 - 2015

Looks like a bunch of stuff has been dropped like MBS. Question is, should I just stick with my old 2014 CFA books or order the new 2015 ones?

Rather save the money but dont want to fail over 170 bucks.

Unless I’m missing something and new stuff has been added but all I’ve noticed is topics being dropped.

get the new books.

170 bucks is a small price to pay to save you this headache of trying to figure out differences year-over-year changes.

I agree with you somewhat. There’s also the E manual book for the new additions.

Anybody else have any ideas? Other people who failed, what’re you guys doing?


Hello Esteemed Forum members, Any idea on where I can catch a glimpse of this new 2015 curriculum? Thanks.

I failed this time. Already registered for 2015 (2 days ago). Ordered both print and e-books. I don’t want to risk with last year curriculum. Now I’m working on my preparation schedule.

If you are a Candidate = you already registered for 2015, so wait for your material arrival.

Can someone please post what are the changes in 2015 curriculum from that of 2014?I have not registered yet so I don’t have access to this year’s curriculum. Thanks in advance.

Check out this thread http://www.analystforum.com/forums/cfa-forums/cfa-level-ii-forum/91334815

Thanks a lot…:slight_smile:

The topic are not the only change this time, CFAI have decided to change the weightage aswell…

Check it out at http://www.cfainstitute.org/programs/cfaprogram/exams/Pages/exam_topic_area_weights.aspx

Buy a third party provider like Schweser or Elan and only look at the blue boxes and questions at CFAI

Took Level II exam for the second time this year. I just used the book that I got last 2013. Not worth the money imo. 2013 -> 2014 I just read the additional topics in the ebook. What I heard is that 2014->2015 there are reduction in the topics so you can just skip the ones from 2014 and read the changes in the ebook.

I would advice against this. I would’ve saved a year if I didn’t do this last year.

For details on what has been added, removed or changed please see the chart which you can find by visiting arif irfan ullah web site


I retook between 12 & 13 and would highly recommend purchasing the new books. It’s not worth the stress of trying to figure out the sometimes subtle differences

if a whole section is rewritten its easy enough to go with the new material but if the reading has been tweaked you end up spending a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere

how have they changed? Look almost the same to me

ethics from 10% to range;fra from 15 -25 to 15 to 20 ;equity 20-30 to 15-25 looks like there may be shift in topic weights of equity and fra.FIXED INCOME from 5-15 to 10 -20.All the more these topic weighing make final weights even more uncertain.CFAI has been known to find an obscure part of a reading,which a normal person would think as not so relevant to financial market,and Throw an entire item set on it.One thing from these changes shows that there would be atleat two item sets on fixed income and may be three and there is strong likely hood that during cfa l2 2015 there will only be 3 item sets in FRA.


ok thanks, interesting that they’ve reduced both of the heavyweights. Maybe they figured that some candidates were focusing on nailing FRA,eq, ethics and not really putting much focus on other topics.

i guess they’re bringing FI back into prominence now that they’ve updated the material.

before 2012, the number of item sets per topic and even the order had been identical for years. It looks like they’re going to shake it up a bit more going forward… Just another way to make this test more challenging!

I think these variable weights give CFAI more flexibility … Overall though, why do they even bother publishing the weights of sections?

P.S. I passionately hate VitalSource Bookshelf.