Level 2 done...now Series 65...pretty easy?

I have to get my Series 65 now. Has anyone taken this and is it easy? Did you just use the Kaplan book?

Yes. Ive done the 7 and 66, and just finished LII as well. This should be a cake walk (and much less studying) than the CFA. Also much more boring, which could make it a little harder to study haha.

Agreed. I’ve done the 7 & 66 (65+63) and it’s fairly easy. My firm bought the kaplan prep material. I got bored reading it and went straight to the qbank. The 65 is unnaturally boring. I finished around 2500 questions in the qbank and scored in the mid 80s on the 66. All you want to do is pass. It doesn’t mean sh!t if you score a 90. Nobody cares.

I took 7 + 66 as well a few years back… With studying for level 2 under your belt you can study and pass 65 with both hands tied, blind folded and having access to only one of your toes

I took and passed the Series 65 in December of 2009. It was my first run at any type of organized financial test. I thought it was fairly easy if you had a financial mind and studied for it. CFA tests are about ten times as hard, and require about 100x the studying.

Series 65 is super easy, kinda weird though. I took the Series 66 (65+63) after my Series 7;studied for 3 days and got an 86. Cfa Levels are more like 100 times harder than blue sky laws, it’s not a challenge.

Don’t you have to be sponsored to take these exams?

Series 7 and 63 yes Series 65 no

It should be a joke compared to what you just went through.

I took the 66 (63+65) back in 2008. I’d recommend getting the Kaplan Qbank and taking a test to see if you score above 70%. My score on that think was the same I got on the real test, so I’d take that until you score a 75% and then go sit.

Series 65 is a JOKE compared to CFA Level II. I took the 65 literally the day before Level I last year, passed both.

If you give enough bananas to a monkey it can pass any FINRA exam. It’s not even close. CFA Level II = giving up seven months of your life and then praying for two months that you pass. Series 65 = one weekend of studying stuff most people in the industry should already know.

S7 is a grind but easy. Ditto the financial portion of the S16. S24 is a beyatch, as is the regulatory part of S16. S65 is a breeze.

If I want to take the 7, what prep materials should I get to study for it? How do I go about getting sponsored if I’m not affiliated with a financial institution (I’m in the Navy).

There are too many idiot brokers in the world for the test to be anything other than a joke.

In order to take the Series 7 you need to be sponsored. I don’t believe there are any exceptions to this rule. You should use Kaplan for your prep materials.

Series 7 use FIRESOLUTIONS. It’s the best. Just google it and you’ll find it.

The 7 is not a hard exam but does require some studying. It’s a lot of information and you have to get used to the test format. Again, it’s not hard but you do have to study.