Level 2, downtown T.O.?

Anyone else downtown T.O. planning to write Level 2 in June?

yeah…my email hyp4 AT yahoo DOT com

is this strictly downtown or are we flexible enough to do GTA? if yes, you can drop me an email at liaaba@gmail.com

I’m doing L2 in June, too. drewallstar at yahoo, dot com

so_fresh, I just tried emailing you. I got a “This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]” error message. so_fresh Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > yeah…my email hyp4 AT yahoo DOT com

I’m not sure if I’ll make it but please keep me posted nevertheless (kiarra at gmail) thanks.

oops, I forgot i shut that one down…here is an alternate email so_fresh1980@yahoo.com

taking level 2 in june as well. Please email amirsunny@yahoo.com