Level 2 EOC Questions vs Real Exams

Dear L3 takers,

I have a quesiton that I think you guys are the best people to ask.

How did you feel the difficulty level of CFAI EOC questions was compared to that of the real exam(s) you wrote? Or, for which topic areas, were the real exams more difficult than the EOC questions?

(I guess the same question could also apply to CFA offical mocks and Schweser practice questions, etc. etc. If you have any knowledge on any of these, please also feel free to share!)

Thanks a lot for your input!

It is hard to compare the difficulty. The item sets on the actually test took much less time to read and in that way the actual exam was easier. That said, I thought the questions were slightly tougher on the actual exam IMO. I certainly reccomend doing EOC’s more than once and supplement that with the CFAI mocks and any other tests you can get your hands on.

i was pretty pissed when i walked out of L2 last year. it was way easier than then EOC for me.

I’d have a big smile on the back of my head in that case… :slight_smile:

Thanks, Brainwashed. By “taking much less time to read”, do you mean it was actually easier to find relevant info in the real exam? So did you find that the information given was pretty much all in one place (i.e. in order) for each of the 6 questions? Or was the information all over the place?


The multiple choice EOCs were similar in difficulty. IMO, most of the non-multiple choice questions that involved calculations were representative, but more difficult. I skipped most of the EOCs that asked for paragraph style written answers.

Overall, you will be pretty prepared if you can do well on the EOCs, the CFAI mock, and the Schweser practice exams. IMO, that group of material is much broader and more complicated than what is actually tested.

I thought the difficulty level was about the same between the exam and the EOC’s. In some cases they were similar in format and content to the point where you could rely on “muscle memory” if you had put in the work.