Level 2 ethics same as Level 1

seeing a lot of repeat stuff here. Is this worth rereading at the outset or is this largely the same as ethics in level 1. I am pretty sure i remember mosaic theory and all the other common sense stuff.

It’s only the same for the first 2 readings. I’m just taking notes from the standards of practise book for those 2 readings.

a little bit deeper than level 1. but same coverage of Code of Ethics…plus deep section(ex soft dollar…research)

Ethics is a lot harder in Level 2 than Level 1. Do not underestimate. Read serveral times.

I don’t remember if soft dollars were a part of L1, that’s part of L2 obviously. L2 also includes the new/old prudent investor rules.

It is largely the same but they can and do give you much harder questions e.g. At L1 you might be asked is this a violation of standard x or y but in L2 you might get asked is it x or y or y and y. Also you could get an entire item set on the stub material I.e. The additional material outside of the standards.

soft dollars at level 2

^ in the CFAI there is a small blurb on soft dollars. In the EOC Ethics there are questions with soft dollars. But in level 2 it’s a whole reading so less likelihood of ever being in level 1 exam.