Level 2 Ethics


is there any difference between level 2 and level 1 ethics ?

i have not opened level 2 ethics book yet. I’m wondering if I can just refresh my memory with my level 1 notes and book.


It is much more tested in level II than it was in level I. Due to the way thet the Level II test is designed, with vignets, it is possible to have one question of Ethics in all of the questions. It will for sure be embedded throughout the majority of questions in the exam. Be prepared !

grrr i hate this… (not talking about ethics): most of the EOC are not in exam format. the few which are on exam format are very easy. And if you want to practise exam style questions (e.g. mock exams), then you can’t have questions separated by topic so you can not review a particular topic properly! Is there a better way to prepare for the exam ? am i missing something ?

I`m using the Schweser Notes and also the Q-bank. In the CFA website you can also find a bunch of questios built as it is in the exam seperated by topics. Go to Your Candidate Resources - Practice tests and Mock exams and then select the topic you want.

Ethics is explicitly 10% of the exam… It is 12 questions… no more, no less.

as you say !

If it’s anything like last year’s curriculum, there are two readings dedicated to ROS and Soft Dollar Standards (unlike L1). I didn’t read ethics again at L2 but for those two readings.