Level 2 Exam Format Question

I have a question regarding the format of the Level 2 exam.

My experience with the practice exams has been that the questions are in order with how the vignette reads. So I can read the first question, and then read far enough through the vignette until I have the answer to that question and continue this routine for each question.

For those who have taken Level II, is the actual exam structured in the same way or are the questions out of order and the information in the vignette spread out?

Can anyone help with this question?

You will get the required experience once you start hitting the mocks… I saw some mocks where they are in order, and some where they are not… sometimes you will find the story at the beginning and then the exhibits at the end…

Forgive me if I am incorrect, but that may be a breach of ethical standards disclosing that kind of test specific advice. I think I recal that the mocks are made o f old test questions…you might follow that rabbit trail.

Waiting for level 3 results here.

Most of the time, questions can be done sequentially when reading the vignette. My advice (similar to most ppl):

  • read question
  • read top of vignette and continue until you see stuff related to question.
  • fill answer.
  • start from where you left off in vignette and repeat.

There have been exceptions - if you think there’s incomplete info, then there’s probably a figure somewhere down the page which will help u.

In the actual exam (after doing 3 x 3hr vignettes), I don’t think I’ve come across one case where the questions/vignette are out of order. It’s long enough as it is for candidates to re-read everything.