Level 2 exam...time problem?

I have heard from some people that there is time problem on the exam, 3 hours are not enough for completing 10 item sets. Is that true?

I would like someone who has already gone through this exam to respond.


I’ve heard the same things, generally from people who don’t pass; not so much from those who do. I’d submit that the fact that some people do, in fact, pass argues against that thesis.

I’d encourage you to be economical in working through item sets. I generally find that it’s best to look at the questions first, before reading the vignette. That way, when you do read the vignette, you have some idea what information you’ll need out of it, and you can read with more focus. If you read it first, then look at the questions, you’ll likely find that you have to go back and reread the vignette; that wastes time.

I actually read questions one by one and find their answers as I move on, but I will definitely try this new technique of reading all questions at once before beginning the item set reading.

Thanks a lot…

Try it both ways and see which works better for you. Just because I like it doesn’t mean that you will.

Best of luck!

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