Level 2 Experience

One Drunken Saturday night in April, I had a one night stand with a chick… Few days later she sent messages about meeting up again… I ignored them!! and kept ignoring her msg’s… Then on the night of my level 2 exam I get woken up on the 4th missed call of my phone ringing at 3:00am… It’s HER!!.. I assume she’s drunk dialling!! So I dont pick up!!.. 7th miss call later the phone stops ringing, by which time I’m fkn pissed off and cussing out loud in bed… As I’m lying in bed I start thinking and then start counting back the months, Did I get her preggars? What the F she want? Whhhhhy is she calling me now!!!.. I never fell back asleep. I arrived at the exam hall after doors closed, forced to sign in when everyone had already started… Throughout the whole exam I had anger in me and couldn’t concentrate… Band 10 FAIL!!

She owes me 2 years of my life back and 1800 USD for exam registration and book fees…

After the exam, I get a message from her, saying “I’m sorry everyone, my phone seemed to auto dial some people last night!!” (PATHETIC) I ignored it again… lol

Anyway Good luck everyone in your level 2 exam… I’m on Level 3 now… :slight_smile:

hahahhaa…good one mate. cheers

At least you didn’t get shit in your eyes.