Level 2 full time Versus Back Office

What are your opinions on pursuing June 2008 level 2 full time + applying for front line positions VS portfolio administrator role + lower chance of passing level 2. * Graduated 7 months ago and unsuccessful with applications in Singapore despite decent resume.

If you’ve got some other source of income support, you could go with Option 1, but I would probably go with Option 2, if I was in your case (just because Option 1 would potentially leave a gap on the resume).

option 2.

give yourself 2.5 months of option one at the most, then switch to two.

option 2 hands down … people have passed levl 2 with far more demanding roles …

  1. Gaps in the resume are always bad.

I had the same choice in Jan, and I went with 2. As much as I dislike my job now, it probably worked out better, and saved my credit rating, and my parents, a lot of grief. Plus I passed L2 in same sit coming out of school 2. Though if I could nail better role, I’d be more definitive in saying that.

This isn’t even close, it has to be 2. If someone came to me and said “well I took 6 months off to ensure I passed L2” I’d say “How the heck will you ever be able to pass L3 working in a ‘front line’ position?”

A BO job shouldn’t decrease your chances of passing L2 significantly. I suppose it depends on your firm and the kind of hours they expect from you. Worst case scenario is you get to May and feel behind on L2 so you blow all of your vacation time to study. Not the end of the world.

this is a stupid question. Work in the BO while applying for FO positions and study for level II.

Keep working, suck it up. It doesn’t look great to take time off to study for the CFA. It looks even worse if you take time off AND fail it.

I’d have reservations about hiring someone who found the curriculum so daunting that they needed to take 5 months off to prepare. My 2 cents. BTW, it should only take 6 weeks of full time study to master the curriculum, if that’s all you do all day.

studying all day doesn’t really sound like too much fun. ask anyone who took the bar