Level 2 Help

When you passed level 2, did any of you use note cards from schweser or any other provider? Also, did you use the secret sauce or 11th hour books?

I am curious to see if they are worth buying.


No and no. YMMV.

I used neither - made my own notecards and own notes.

I made my own note cards, preferred them because of the additional learning effect.

For Level II, I indeed used the Secret Sauce for repetition of macro topics. Good format to use in the street car.

I did not use any notecards . But secret sauce was really helpful for the last 3-4 days revision . You can also use the quicksheet for the last minute rivision of concepts and formulas . Or moreover you can take the help of videos or Audios also .

I watched the Scheweser videos and took notes in Evernote which made it easy to go back and search later on.

made my own note cards. takes a TON of time but well worth. it’s a review in itself but helps put material in your own words. i even highlighted some concepts/formulas on my notecards that were a 100% MUST KNOW (ie. certain parts of the pension accounting).

BEST OF LUCK. L2 is a beast, but keep plugging and you will master this material!!!