Level 2 in 50 days

A friend of mine is a final year masters student in an unrelated subject. Till now he has only covered Quant and Economics. From now on he is free 24* 7. Can CFA Level 2 cleared in 50 days including 10 days for revision.

Of course it can be cleared in 50 days, you just need to invest enough time.

all he needs to do is to study 2 days before the exam. The exam is really easy.

I highly doubt it

He can study 24/7? EASILY pass it in 50 days then.

Guys be serious, certainly 10 hours a day makes 500 hrs.

I believe he can. It depends on whether or not he can tell the important things and the rest apart… Good luck, Daniel Lambert www.financial-exam.com

it depends on his ability to withstand burnout. Anyone can put it 12 hours a day in pure studying, but you can absorb material FAR better after resting for an hour versus already going at it for 8 hours. Reading the words with nothing sinking it is absolutely meaningless. His chances of passing? I peg it at below 10%

I once knew a guy who studied 8 hours and passed. He later came up with the idea of the 8-hour-CFA. The uptake rate of his course was high, sadly pass rate was zero percent. He now lives somewhere in a homeless shelter in the eastern part Southern Peru.

Take 2 hours out of your weekend and watch “Catch me if you can” (with Dicaprio and Hanks). At the end of the movie the main character admits that he didn’t cheat the Bar exam for law school. He studied 2 weeks and passed. It will blow your mind. True story.

Ohk I will explain you with a very simple logic (most of us are familiar with it :stuck_out_tongue: ) Suppose level 2 exam can be passed by studying for 600 Hrs invested over any frame of time (Of course, I am assuming all other factors constant). Now if you are investing : 100 days with 6 Hours per day = 600 Hours or 50 days with 12 Hours per day = 600 Hours or 25 days with 24 Hours per day = 600 Hours. As the number of hours invested per day increases, law of diminishing returns comes into picture i.e the output you gain for every hour of effort you put in keeps on decreasing. So effectively the total numbers of hours will not be 600 (it will be less than) incase you are investing them over a very short span of time. Since the number of hours invested is not equal to 600 (which was one of the condition to pass the exam), it becomes difficult to pass it. :slight_smile: -CFAL2 PS: Law of diminishing returns is not applicable to knowledge capital I know :wink:

I just don’t find much meaning in that assessment. Level 2 can be passed with 300hrs of quality study, or if you’re very bright. Level 2 can be failed with 700hrs of non-focused study, or if you’re unable to grasp the material. To say you will pass because you put in 600 hours of study time is absolutely crazy. I also find it pointless to log and keep track of your study hours, you either get the material and move on or you don’t and you restudy until you understand. To me (and I think most people) logging your study hours just seems like a complete waste of time.

I don’t mean to be bitter on the subject but here’s an example: Last month I was talking to a guy in Colombia, who works on Wall st, and it took him 3 years to pass level II. Let’s low ball it and say he only spent 400hrs each year studying for the exam, that’s 1,200hrs of studying. So good luck on level II next year 2010L2 (unless this is already your second 600hr attempt).

Remebered seeing this while studying for LI… http://financialrounds.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-to-pass-cfa-in-50-days.html good luck to your friend

LOL… come on, if you aren’t working, you generally have few distractions and you could probably nail this down pretty easily. I’m thinking 20 days absolute MAX of very focussed study. and the human mind is a funny thing. the less you’ve studied earlier, the hardier it will let you go later.