Level 2, June 2013, TORONTO

Took Level 1 in Dec and am planning to begin prepping fro Level 2 early January, 13. Live and work around downtown. Shoot me a mail at mayank001@gmail.com



Hey I am living in Mississauga, also planning to take Level 2 this June 2013 sruthin13@gmail.com

Sorry, the email id is nairsruthi13@gmail.com

Hi Sruthi,

Great to get in touch. I took my L1 earlier this month and recently received an email from CFAI that results will be out Jan 23rd (Fingers Xed). I am planning to begin L2 prep in a next few days though. So far my plan is to stick with Scweser (was perfect for L1) and look for a weekend class (Passmax / Morgan) to stay on top of my schedule. How are you planning to tackle?