Level 2 - Mississauga/Toronto Study Group

Is anyone interested in forming a study group for Level 2 ? I intend on enrolling in the Schweser L 2 classes online. I reside in Mississauga but am open to meeting in Toronto. Please email me at ftisdabest at gmail dot com thanks

I might be interested. I am mostly downtown but occasionally in sauga as well. Anyone else from TO taking lv2 in June?

I will be taking level 2 either this June or next June. I work in downtown TO as well. I just got my hands on the schewer books for lvl 2. I haven’t started reading it though. It will be great if I can study with some people together.

Writing lvl 2 this June in Toronto. I live in Mississauga but work in Toronto and usually study at Central Library (Mississauga) or on the GO train (which is horrible)

Surely there must be more GTA lvl 2ers on here!

GTA L3 here :stuck_out_tongue:

kblade…Lvl3 GTA here… are you interested in setting a study group? I really need the motivation… ever since the weather is nicer i cannot hit the books

I live and work downtown. Im using Stalla and am taking live classes. What are you all studying from? How much have you done? I’m on Equity right now…

l2 june 2009… am currently lacking motivation, will definitely join a study group in toronto.

I’m a bit of a solo bird blinky29, unless you’re female then maybe I am willing to change my study habit, hahah. I’m not that into study groups, I find them distracting. Plus I live up north so getting together would probably be a problem.