Level 2 mock scores

Hey all level 3ers … sorry for interrupting your procrastination surfing.

Seeing that all of you have (clearly) passed level 2, would you be kind enough let me know how you were scoring on level 2 mocks at this point, and up until exam day? I’m trying to gauge where I am relative to what it takes to get through to the next level. Thanks!

Was scoring in the low 70s (some Schwesers in the high 60s) and hit 72% on the 2013 CFAI mock. I was taking mocks from April through the weekend just before the exam. The scores generally trended up.

High 60% around about this time and in full panic mode - Shifted scores up to about 75% before exam day and got ridiculously lucky with the questions and smashed it

started in the 60s with practice tests by kaplan. This melted-up to the 80s by the time I finished all the mocks in the week prior to the exam.

was in the low 70’s (probably never higher than 74%) in the week leading up to the L2 test

Very helpful everyone. Thanks! I’m a lot more at ease now (must not get complacent, though). I’m scoring safely in the mid-70s on average, so I’m guessing I have a good shot come 6/7.

Given your ridiculous post and the state of panic I’m in given my pathetic L3 mock scores, I am imagining your face having a punchability score of 17 based on a scale of 1 - 10.

If you’re scoring mid-70s on mocks you’ll be fine, and deep down you know you’ll be fine as welll. So stop asking stupid questions. Thanks.

Dude. Chill. Read the subject line. I’m taking L2. You’ve already passed it, and I’m sure can relate.

low 70s

low 70s…now if i could just get my level 3 up to low 70s


I was hitting 71-72ish by the end IIRC.

I was high 50s in early May, high 60s by now. Did about 7 or so mocks including CFAI, schweser and finquiz. The last mock I did, cfai 2011, I got 71%. I reviewed 2011-2013 mocks multiple times in the last week and passed.