Level 2 Retake question

Hi all,

Question - last year I got the Schweser material (work paid for it) , did not pass. How different is the cirriculum this year compared to last year, as in can I re use the Schweser material from last year or would that not work?




Kindly visit our website HERE to download the file which highlights the differences between 2012 and 2013 Level II curriculum

JRossSter - I’m in the same position (though I had to fund last materials too). I posed the same question in December - I had to bite the bullet and pay for the Schweser books again - did this for several reasons: Firstly, the cirriculum has changed (as highlighted by the links above). Secondly, although there is massive overlap, you don’t want the ballache of trying to constantly reference the CFAI material to see what’s new and change between learning from Schweser (old) and CFAI (new material), particularly if you are a retaker.

Having bought the books again, I can now focus on starting again. Also, I’m pretty sure that some of the old stuff has been rewritten in a more concise way. Expensive but it was the right decision. My two pence worth…