Level 2 San Francisco study group

Hello All,

I’m looking to set up study group for level 2 (June 2015) in san francisco or marin county. Starting to tackle the material a bit and wanted to see if anyone is interested in forming a group.


Good day Nick,

I have started on certain parts of the material and would like to join your group. I am in Contra Costa County, El Cerrito so be exact. What do you have in mind for these group sessions?

KInd regards


*to be exact

Hi Nick,

We have a group of 2 and are looking for a third. We meet on Saturday mornings in downtown SF. Let me know if you want to join up with us and I’ll send you my email address.



Hello, sorry for the delay but thank you for the responses. John, how far along are you guys? ve started with FRA and am starting to get rolling with the material. Im definitely interested in joining.

Anthony, I’m located over in marin county. was thinking to share notes/ go over material and questions as they come up.