Level 2 second timers...

Yea so, does anybody else feel like they are reading the same stuff over again? I am just finishing SS5 and its like repeating a grade (not that I have ever tasted cardboard). It may have been the second lowest pass rate last year, but do any other second timers feel like they are just retracing their steps?

Yup although trying hard to focus on the details here cause you know that’s what’s going to determine pass/fail. It’s been really hard to get into it especially cause it feels like I’m learning things that I already know. I think once the material has been built enough you won’t feel the same any more…still a lot of things to refresh and learn. Hope we both nail it this time :).

I started reading the CFAI books as soon as they were delivered (and I ordered them as soon as I learned that I failed). I finished reading 5 out of 6 of them by the end of January. I started reading Schweser at the beginning of January (yes, there was some overlap). I am burned out! It is soo hard to stay focused after studying the same material for so long!