Level 2 Strategy - CFA vs Schweser

What strategies are people following for studying both the CFA curriculum and other prep materials like Schweser? Studying both would likely take a long time. Has anyone done any research on which topics are covered by each?

I also want to know… I think reading both is wasting time, considering I’m working 90 hours a week.

it’s never wasting time but it might not be the most efficient thing. you know there is no right answer for this question

Read schweser and when you’re done start doing practice questions and refer back to CFAI books to tackle weak area’s. Good luck 2 All.

Agree with Usif based on my experience with Schweser for Level I (although I didn’t get my results yet, I think I was well prepared)

Pass - So trust me :wink:

for LVL 1, i read Schweser notes, CFA curriculum is like a reference book (or rather, books), only go back to it if there’s something I can’t understand.

Seems from the other thirty threads on this topic that the consensus is to go off of Schweser for the most part and then read the CFAI books for any topics that you can’t fully grasp by reading Schweser.

Does anyone know if I purchase level 2007 Schweser books from EBAY will this cover most of the 2008 material? or is there a substantial difference in the LOS? Thanks!

I used Schweser for the level I, thought I did horrible, and actually did better than 70% on all but 2 sections. I definetely think schweser is the way to go, but you could also supplement with cfai material.