Level 2 study material

Hi everyone, have just known that I have passed level 1 and planning to take level 2 this June.

I started preparation for level 1 from September last year and using Schweser notes almost exclusively and achieved >70% in 8/10 topic areas (except FRA and fixed income). I’m quite used to the study work flow with Schweser as I don’t really like to read a lot of stuff and tend to skim through the summaries and get straight to questions to pin point weak areas then go back to read those parts.

However, I heard level 2 is a very different exam and Elan is the best, also it is a bit cheaper than Schweser, my level one exam was funded by scholarship, might be too late for a scholarship this time and just find out the original prices (both exam and study materials) are insanely expensive. Does anyone has similar study style as me (slack on reading) and/or have actually used both providers? would you give some advices?

It might be too much of this kind of posts but I still want to hear some suggestions.

Hi everyone, I have narrowed down my choices for prep packages to Schweser essential and Elan Ultimate Prep (due to budget). Elan’s package seems to be a better offer. Although I’m not expecting to use video classes much (most Schweser video classes are useless to me) but they were sometimes useful especially when I was bored by reading the notes. However, I will not be able to afford Schweser’s premium package this time. The only thing I’m worrying about is that Elan only provides 3 mock exams. My level 1 experience told me mock exams really saved my ass, I’ve only done 4 schweser and CFAI mock exams but it does strengthen my confidence especially when I see the scores and the rankings on the website improving. When I’ve found myself consistently get over 80% and have bunch of time left for each session my nerves did relieve a bit. I’ve heard Elan’s mock exams are of better quality but sometimes amount does matter in my opinion. What do you guys think?? Any way of hacking the advantages of both providers? And probably the study strategies from Elan users? Thanks in advance for any input.


Use whatever you used before. In your case Schweser. I have used Elan for both levels aand they were very good. they are behind on their delivery schedules though.Schweser is good enough for level II.

Each one has different methods of study. follow what works for you. It takes time to get used to the item set format at level II. There are not too many practice questions in item set format for level II exam . Finquiz does offer item set format questions but i have not used them.


In Elans website for level 2 they say that their material is not updated for 2014 and there are huge changes for 2014. Is that true? If thats the case if using elan you will mising important LOS.

Kind regards.


I’m using elan guides. All the material ive seen so far is fully up-to-date for June 2014 exams. Im done with 40% of the videos and notes. You must have misunderstood, Jose.

so how did you study with elan’s material?