Level 2 this year or next?

Hey guys I would like to know what you guys think:

I passed Level 1 in Dec. I had been studying for it on weekends but really got down to doing practice sets 2.5 weeks b4 the exam date but I passed - mostly I think due to my experience in financial reporting.

I am thinking of writing Level 2 in June 2016 or waiting until 2017? If I am to write this year i would only have 3 weeks prior to the exam to study… I may be able to squeeze in some study time on weekends in Feb to April.

What are your thoughts.


I’ve been reading these types of questions on this forum (and on many other forums) and they are just plain stupid.

All you’re looking for is hope. Just grow a pair and make a decision as an adult. Stick by that decision. It will make you a better person.

No one knows you better than yourself.

3 weeks won’t be enough unless you can get a lot of hours in on the weekends. Your saying “may be able to” leads me to think you wouldn’t. Experience in financial reporting alone and mainly just working though practice sets won’t be enough for Level II. If you can’t get at least 250+ hours of prep in I would save your money and wait until you can commit enough time to preparation.

There are three months to the exam as of date, why do you plan three weeks? Three weeks study for level 2 is an insult to the charter. I hope everyone who does that fails, because honestly that would make the rest of us stupid and incompetent to “waste” so many hours.

Everyone is different, there’s no need to create negativity.

Coming from someone who passed Dec Level 1 and went right into Level 2, I’d defer till next year unless you have a ton of time to study. You are already significantly behind, fried out of your mind and any hiccups in your study plan will royally screw you over. If you can dedicate yourself to CFA and nothing else, go for it. I failed band 4 after passing with mainly 70% brackets across the topics, but I had many hiccups along the way.

I would have to agree with krokodilizm (not the hoping anybody fails part but just about all the rest).

I just don’t see how anyone could just glance at this stuff on weekends and have a shred of hope to pass.

For me, it means everyday after work plus weekends for me to feel legitimately confident. If you think you can do it your way, more power to you, but the proof is in the pudding.