Level 2 Timeline Sucks

When I look at the expected delivery date of my Schweser materials, there’s like one month for me to plow through Book 3 and Book 4, if I want two weeks at the end for final review. Anybody else feeling that pain over here, people? Can’t blame Schweser though – GARP’S decision to release the new AIM configuration for Level 2 preposterously late was the issue.

Agree 100% , I am also hating trying to learn from the PC. Just not getting through the material as I would like to . Also there are no questions available to practise

No question, Johnh, the flipbook format is the worst – I can’t write notes in the margins or highlight as I want to. They are supposed to be putting the QBank online in less than a week, so at least there will be that. Also FYI, I just learned that they plan on putting Book 3 and Book 4 out in flip book form prior to the scheduled hard copy release on March 25 (something that it didn’t look like they were going to do)…so while it’s still suboptimal since you won’t have the hardcopy, at least we won’t be high and dry cramming Book 3 and 4 inside of a month. Good luck!

Although Schweser would be releasing the books late, can’t one use books (for November 2012) to study. I mean how much has the course changed. Does the course change substantially every year?

Actually, Saurabh, yes. According to Schweser’s link below, there is 41% turnover in the material between 2012 and 2013 for Level 2. So, yeah, I’d say that is pretty substantial:


This is resally frustrating. I took a decision to appear for FRM part 2 instead of CFA level 2 this summer. I hope I don’t have to regret it ! Can anybody please tell me when will Schweser likely to release part 2 material in print/ PDF format ?

Also, what are the topics to start with from Nov 12 notes meanwhile? Great if someone can share AIMs from older books which will be there in May 12 exam. 41% Turnover seems too much in such short notice !

Schweser books 1 and 2 are available in “flipbook” form online now (you can’t print these out). Physical books 1 and 2 supposed to ship tomorrow, as of last timeline. Books 3 and 4 are supposed to ship end of March; not sure if flipbooks will be available prior to the ship date.