Level 2 .. where do i start?

Hi AF,

So, im going to cut straight to the point.

For level 1 i did eco>fra>quant>corp>PM>equity>FI>derivatives>AI,

i did the subjects in this order.

I want to know if this same strat would work for level 2?

If i start with eco, will there be things from other subjects that i havent covered yet like quant?

Also, any other advice is welcome.

I plan to give the exam in 2017, so i have a lot of time and i want to do it right with proper understanding of the material.


Econ is mostly knew stuff, a ton of FX arb stuff. Not a bad order. I am going Quant > Econ > FRA > Equity > Corp > Deriv then whatever for the rest with Ethics last.

I dont think there is a wrong way. The first study session for FRA is an overview and the material is challenging but not terrible as it makes sense.

Man the exchange rate stuff is really complicated especially since im doing it from the curriculum, I want to get condensed notes but i cant decide between schweser wiley or elan. Any tips on that?