Level 2 which material to study with

Hi folks,

I’ve got my CFA level 1 results and I’ve passed.

So I’m thinking about registering for level 2.

But the thing that worries me the most is that the book provided by CFA institute was super thick and someof the materials are often repeated in other chapters or volumes of the books.

So my question is, is it better to get study notes from Kaplan or other third party notes provider as I heard stories that it is relatively shorter and concise??

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Thank you

I personally used Wiley for levels one and two and felt very prepared when exam day came around. I’ve also heard similar success stories from people who prepped with Kaplan. I’m sure either would do, just apply yourself and be willing to work harder than you did for level 1 and I’m sure you’ll see similar success. Best of luck!

Thanks for your reply.

Were the books from Wiley much more condense compared to the CFA text books?

Absolutely. But what’s worth every penny in my opinion are their lecture videos and extra practice questions.

Note that the level 2 curriculum will be a bit shorter than what you covered for level 1. Still, it’s a lot of pages of material. Just make sure you do all the EOCs and BBPs in the curriculum readings.

I’ve used Kaplan for level 1 and 2 and like it as have the other folks I’ve met where I work and elsewhere that are studying for CFA. I think the Kaplan and other providers are like the Cliff Notes version of the material and good enough to get you through.

Honestly, I think any of the third party providers is better than just using the CFAI provided material. That stuff comes off as academic writing not primarily meant to teach.

Don’t know if one provider is better than the other, I’m thinking they’re all probably close to one another. In the end, it’s about putting in the time and effort with whatever material you decide to go with.

I see. I can’t say for how kaplan and the others are. But I felt like that CFAI materials and questions are quite outdated. Also, I don’t know how accruate this information is, but when doing level 1 ethics questions i saw a paragraph (an example for disclosure) about a student complaining about the third party provider not covering some topics that were tested in the real exam.

Are there cases like these in the 3rd party provder?

Thank you

I think the point of that ethics problem is that you’re not supposed to discuss the specific topics that were covered, rather than make a point that third party providers are poor at preparing candidates.

Curriculum is your best friend, I used Curriculum all through, but used IFT Videos, Schweser and Wiley Mock exam as well. But fot stufying, I will recommend the Curriculum.

Just make sure you start your prep on time, then you will have enough time to go through the corriculum at least 3 times before the exam and an ample time for mock exams.