Level 2

So I got the 2010 schweser books from a buddy - I know that things have changed a little in 2011 but let’s not worry about that for now. Here’s what I’ve noticed re curiculum: 1. A lot of overlap with CFA and FRM stuff. Good to see NOI in the Real Estate section, what a blast from the past. Things like valuation techniques as well. 2. A lot more calculation intensive. 3. A lot more trivia. 4. A lot more information. Went from about 600 pages with Level 1 to about 900 pages in Level 2. Not sure yet what my study attack plan will be like. It usually goes like this. 1. Read through the entire curriculum to get general idea of information, volume, and difficulty. Reaccess and structure study plan based on that. 2. Read through the curriculum again making copious study cards and notes. 3. Read through weak areas. 4. Practice questions. Reviewing and adding to flash cards. 5. Practice Exams 6. Exam I’m looking forward to the Level 2 results being released and getting some intell from you guys that just took it.

I have the Schweser question bank. If you’re interested email me jamesd_macey@hotmail.com