Level 2'ers, your time to shine

hi Guys - so i know level 2 is 980345820394852345 times harder than level 1 so i know you guys are going thru alot… but i was hoping you guys can take 2 seconds to share your thoughts on this…

so i actually just took level 1. going into it i was very confident, scoring ~75% on CFA mocks prior to the exam. But after walking out of level 1, i feel like complete crap… and i feel like i definitely failed. but ive also been told that regardless of level, everyone comes out of these exams thinking they failed. so i was wondering if everyone also felt this way walking out of level 1. I was definitely prepared, put in the hours, but ended up guessing much more than i anticipated.

thanks everyone.

You’re totally not alone bro. I took/passed level I without scoring higher than a 70% on any of my mocks. Walked out of the exam completely deflated. Received my pass email in a Miami airport 8 weeks later. Best flight of my life.

Was unsure of how I did, thought I prolly failed, but then I passed. Highest mock score was a 68 before I took level 1.

I left my L1 exam feeling on top of the world. Passed with all 10 sections greater than 70. You shouldn’t be listening to what people say. However you did on the exam, that’s how you did. Worrying doesn’t add 2 more points.

from my experience i can say that ur heart tells u honestly how it went …

wasnt really sure when i took L1 first time … and i failed … next attempt i knew i was doing all fine … was confident … and i got above 70% in all subjects …

I came out of Level I and thought it would be a miracle if I passed - scored over 70% on most of the subjects. I think the feeling can be deceptive…

Don’t underestimate level 1 - it’s no cake walk by any means. Give yourself some credit for the exam you just took.

To address your ‘how did you feel’ question, I felt exactly the same way after level 1. Thought I knew all, but walked out of the exam center kind of shell shocked as to what just happened. Thought I may have failed it, but I ended up passing, so don’t worry about it.

There’s nothing you can do now, so just take it easy and relax. Worrying about your pass/fail result does no good - it will just stress you out.

hey VaR, any idea how many questions you guessed on level 1? and what were you scoring on those mocks?

I was getting mid to high 70s on the L1 mocks and 90+ in Schweser Q bank. I left the test feeling quite unsure of how I did. To be fair, its the same way I felt after each mock, very unsure. It was always a nice surprise after I graded myself that I broke 70.

On level 1 I thought exam was easy and very straightforward , I felt confident for 80% of the paper, however because it was my first exam I was 50/50 whether I will pass.

I found L2 to be easier than L1.

Simply because i completed the CFAL2 syllabus in 4 months time (feb-may).However it took me 5/6 months to complete L1 syllabus.

We had 240 questions to solve for L1 but only 120 questions for L2.CFAL1 syllabus was vast as compared to L2 syllabus ,however L2 syllabus had greater depth.

felt the same…passed with >70 in all… now feeling the same in l2

I felt L2 was curriculum-wise way more challenging, but the test itself seemed less challenging to me. I think the vignette style is actually helpful in this way. Plus, I felt a lot more at ease at L2 than L1 about the test-day stuff like lunch or things to bring. That helps.

That said the average exam taker fails at each level. Here’s to hopefully being a little above average!


People say level 2 is 3 times harder than L1 etc…etc…

I would say upgrading from L1 to L2 is quite simple as compared to upgrading from level 0 to level1.