Level 3 candidates- Where are you from?

I am from France and 26 and I was just wondering where all of you are from?

Born or residence?

Bonjour Sofiane, Je suis de Geneve mais ca fait maintenant 14 ans que j’habite a Los Angeles.

Bonjour Sofiane, je pense que M. Crablegs essaye d’être romantique !

Salut Sofiane, From France too, but in New York since end of 2004.

Mandelbrot, I have the most beautiful wife one can ask for. So this wasn’t ‘romance’ merely just some fun to write in french again!

Just kidding, man.

What do you mean??? Jokes on AF??? Unthinkable! of course I knew you were kidding… I just had to write somehting in the event my wife reads this post! (just kidding as well…)

Spartanburg, SC


crablegs-- is your wife reading this post really a possibility? My wife calls it “the geek board”, so i don’t think she’s too interested in anything i’d say here. just curious as to general interest from spouses…

Bonjour SofianeB, Montreal here.

jbaldyga, Was joke joking… the probability of her going on AF is just as big as me joining her to watch that new chick flick ‘Bridal Wars’ she’s been talking about…

Upstate New York, but I currently reside in the city. Thug life, what what

Melbourne, Australia

Miami Fl/NYC

Salut Sofiane and hey to all, I’m from Lebanon…

Pune, India… @CIANMOZN If you want, we could share resources/study material. My email is joshuaspulse@gmail.com

i am from Islamabad, Pakistan

Moscou, Russie