Level 3 CBT query

Hey guys. Been a long time. Was curious to know that for the Level 3 AM section Computer based, will we have to type out the formula (eg Grinold Kroner) ? Cause if so, it’s gonna be a little inconvenient as compared to Paper Based.


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Good question, I was wondering that myself. Formulas with squared variables would be difficult to type out.

You never have to show the formula as long as your answer’s correct.

If your answer’s wrong, showing your calculations may garner you some partial credit.

There’s been talk about having scanners on the computers at the test centers so that you can write things by hand, but I haven’t heard any official word from CFA Institute.

Requiring candidates to type in formulae using some form of equation editor is . . . um . . . impractical.

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If there is a written portion of the exam, chances are they (CFAI) will let you use the scanner, which should be right next to the monitor you’re using.

For reference, the scanners at prometric look something like this:

Looks great!

So are you saying that we show the working on rough paper and if we get our answer, we just tick the right option ?

I realize this is an old post, but to clarify for posterity, there will be no use of scanners at Prometric per the CFA Institute.

so more volatility of level 3 scores?