Level 3 Essay/Writing prep course?

Does anyone know if there are Level 3 essay/writing prep courses offered? I thought the Harris Accounting course was worth its weight in gold last year… I was hoping essay/writing prep courses exist for the level 3 exam.

I know both Stalla and Schweser offer review courses that cover (and dish out pretty good tips) on the essay component. For example, the best tip I used was skip over the questions first in the vignette, then scan the material to find the info you’re looking for - always saved me time. What specifically are you looking for? I think if your answers are concise and specific to what is asked of you, you should be fine.

Thanks SC. At the end of each section in the Video CD’s from Schweser there is discussion regarding previous AM exam questions and this has been helpful. I hope between discussions here on the forum and Schweser study materials I feel prepared for the AM section of the exam.