Level 3 guys, where are you at?

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Basically nowhere. Did ethics and a few GIPS chapters.

(second-time taker, failed with Schweser last year).

Readings 12 to 34 completed

Using CFAI books this time, I think my understanding is better but I am having a hard time remembering all the formulas

11 readings left from CFAI including Ethics. I am planning to finish in a couple of weeks and start over again :slight_smile:

I would say there are almost no formulas in L3 comparing to L2 :slight_smile: There were a few hundreds of them at L2. I had fun remembering some especially from the QM. I write them down as I read, then review on a regular basis.

Retaker here, missed by like one question last year.

I read all the new chapters in the curriculum and made notes on the same. Also read fixed income and equities in the curriculum because Schweser was not so good (FI was OK, equities was terrible). Now I will read the remaining chapters from Schweser.

It seems that I will do much better this time just need to remain focused. In a week or so I will finish up all the necessary readings and will use notes I made (like 80 pages, which is crazy, I know). There will be about 120 days remaining just for practice problems and ethics, vs. about 60 days dedicated last year. I am very optimistic as everything seems quite fresh in my mind.

About halfway through FI. We’ve got 9 week old twins at home, so I’m really not feeling optimistic, I just can’t find the time. I’m thinking of this as a dry run for my 2021 attempt.

@Torsten55 You will def get it done this time. :wink:

@pejp Give it the best shot and do what you can. It might turn out that 2020 is yours!!

Going through Schweser, completed 32 of 38 readings…taking a break…then starting 33 (Institutional PM stuff) in the weekend. Then hitting CFAI books starting mid-Feb.

I would suggest having a go at a mock now even if you are yet to finish the material. Practising the exam is another “topic” in itself and IMO the sooner you start to drill papers the better

strongly agree. in my case even take 3-4 days only to prepare logistic for mock exam. print out the mock and prepare blank template.

i made 2-3 copy for each mock exam to drill periodically.

I don’t disagree that practicing the exam is another topic, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a mock until your finished with the material, which should be about mid-March for most test takers I’d guess. For me, if I took a mock before finishing the curriculum it would be an exercise in frustration and likely not be the best use of my time. There are multiple ways to get this done and that’s just my take.

Random, but on the topic of test taking, I started meditating just before level 2 and I found it very beneficial. I use Headspace (I have zero commercial interest in Headspace or any app) but there are many apps out there that are good. I think meditation was helpful to get the most out of every study session, but also to keep my sanity with the outside world (e.g. non-CFA candidates), Just my two cents on something that I found very helpful.

Just signed up! Wish me luck…

I started back in Oct and I’ve just gone through Schweser notes and EOCs and starting my second revision with IFT High-Yield Videos and redoing EOCs and QBank. Echoing some of the comments above I found that there aren’t nearly as many formulas and the majority of the formula type questions were not worked through in depth on the EOCs or just had 1 question to it. It’s actually making me feel a bit nervous because I don’t know exactly what to focus on. In L2 we got drilled on stuff like DCF/various valuation models or Binomial trees and knew those were important to focus on… Hopefully things will start to tighten up, I’ve heard from others you get a better feel when you start writing AMs… but right now I’m feeling a bit lost as to what to really focus on because there are a lot of subtopics that go in depth into laundry lists. The majority of my flashcards for L2 were tons of formulas, the ones I’ve made up for L3 look like Laundry Lists or the formulas I do have I don’t even remember doing a question on… Anyone having a similar experience or have advice?


IFT High Yield videos released?

Hmm, is “level 3 guys” a violation :confused:


It should be guys-and-gals-in-no-particular-order.

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What exactly happened with Schweser notes last year. I am using Schweser and solving EOC CFAI.

I think you’ll do even better in 2021!!