Level 3 is so easy

Even a caveman can do it. Add yours

i agree. you should all drink heavily from now until the exam and go out partying the night before. i did it for the level I & II and passed. looks like the curve straightening posts are out. (actually, that would be a great part time job - curve straighener. tasks: find top quartile candidates and go up and poke them repeatedly with a ruler while they try to study.)

L III is so easy that it’s not even worth 6 hours of Bleron’s time.

There will be a 100% pass rate as they want to clean current Level3 candidates before multiple choice questions change from 4 to 3 answers next year

Since it is so easy i will also write L1 and 2 again on June 7 th just for kicks and pass all 3 .

… George Bush could walk it.