Level 3 June 2010, Exam Center in India

Hello Friends, I was filling my registration form for the L3 June 2010 exam. I could not find any option to pick test center from India. I gave my L2 this June in Mumbai, so i was quite surprised why the city was not present in the test center registration form. Is the Lawsuit fight between CFAI and ICFAI not over yet? Anyone on board here from India and registered for 2010 exam. Which center have u opted for? Regards,

The law suite, which I dont think is between CFAI and ICFAI, is no where near the end. “Tariq pe tariq” is the current scenario. Ever since the case started, the institute has been seeking court’s permission to have a center in India for each individual attempt. For now, they have announced that the Mumbai center would be available for L1 students in Dec’09. For June’ 10 Mumbai center is not an option yet. Dont be surprised if u dont get that option at all and have to travel to some other country to write the exam. I had to write my L1 in Dec’08 in Kathmandu. The institute sent a mail some where in October that they would not be seeking permission for Mumbai center for that particular attempt. More troublesome was the scenario in June’ 08 when Mumbai center was announced only a week before the exam and most of the students had already made their bookings to travel to other countries to write their exam. So any which way, be prepared to write exams at center’s other than Mumbai and if later u get the Mumbai option, feel lucky. Where: Wherever u like. What ever u can afford. For North Indians, Kathmandu and for South Indian’s Colombo are said to be the cheapest options From my experience, Kathmandu is dirty but dirt cheap as well.

Bhavya, Thanx for the info. I gave my Level 1 in singapore- Dec 08, so i will try some different country this time. I heard colombo is expensive compared to singapore. Is that true?

Wouldn’t know for sure…but I dont think so I guess the difference in the travel costs is itself quiet large, it may compensate for higher lodging expenses. Again, I find it hard to believe that Singapore would be cheaper than Srilanka.

The last time i traveled to Singapore, we got a good deal on the airfare, around 8.5 k to and fro, which was way less than fare to Colombo prevailing at that time. Lodging would work out cheap if you are in a group. We stayed at a backpackers hostel. Any ways planning to register for Colombo this time. Lesse if Mumbai would qualify to conduct exams by that time…

8.5 K was an awesome deal u got… What carrier was that? We also stayed at something like a backpackers hostel in Kathmandu and I am sure similar options would be available in Sri Lanka as well. Bangkok is also one of the cheaper options I understand. I am also hoping that Mumbai would be an option and if luck shines, they could also have a center at Delhi like the good old days. That would be a relief. I somehow dont like wasting so much time traveling, one or two days before the exam. Those are some precious hours lost.

I registered for Singapore test center. I took the first two levels in the US.

I took both my levels 1 & 2 in Kathmandu and found it to my liking. The level 1 exam was an experience in itself. I stayed at a very small hotel just opposite to bodhanilkantha which is around 300 years old and situated on the hills. It was also the nearest to my exam centre. Though the down side was lack of facilities, I think the beautiful view and tranquil environment more than made up for it. Thought about mumbai for level 2 but when I came to know that around 7k people were appearing in mumbai and that too at a single test centre I just knew that I didnt want to be one in that crowd. This time though i stayed in a hotel which is near kathmandu’s centre . Though the hotel was good I didnt enjoy as much as i enjoyed the last time. The only upside of level 2 was the exam centre ( it was a ballroom built my king of nepal) . For level 3 also I have registered for kathmandu. Lets see how it pans out this time P.S I am located in gurgaon and imo kathmandu is the cheapest option.

I took L1 in Dec '08 in Singapore. The airfare was about 18K odd (stayed with a friend so didnt have lodging expenses) Have registered for Sri Lanka this time around since I believe air fare is much cheaper with good connectivity from Mumbai. I dont think there’s any way Sri Lanka is more expensive than Singapore

bangkok…is the best option …

L1 Kathmandu L2 Mumbai L3 Have Registered for Singapore

dubai is a good option…i am in bombay n there are like 10 flights a day to and from so you are bound to get a good deal on the flight…

Sri lanka is dirt cheap… spent 5k INR on Flight tickets (return Chennai-Colombo on Air India Express) and expenses like 3k INR for 2 days…