Level 3 Just got tougher.

But more fun. My darling wife (a/k/a/ She Who Must Be Obeyed) went into labor at 10m this morning. After 16 hours, we now have our third child - Benjamin Jacob. Cute little bugger - after the initial screaming (probably from seeing my ugly mug, he calmed down and just stared everything and everyone. Extremely - mom and Bennt are resting at the hospital and I’m emailing informaiton to you bucketheads. Arrrrghh! Off to sleep.

Congratulations man!!! At least you now have someone to keep you up at night… more study time!

busprof: Congratulations. !!!

Congrats man.

congratulations, busprof

still have no clue why did he start this thread…

Congratulations busprof! Great day…

CFA_IND Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > still have no clue why did he start this > thread… still have no clue why you take the time to tell us that.



Congratulations man! My wife had our first child last April of last year while I was studying for Level II so I can relate.


Congrats Busprof…

CFA_IND Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > still have no clue why did he start this > thread… CFA_IND, don’t you have babies? It is a painfull joy. I just have my 3rd child last Otober and he is my 1st boy . This dude weighted 9.25’’ at birth. By the way busprof, my last name Benjamin and I am done :slight_smile: so my son is Noah Benjamin. Don’t google it and get some credit card under his name. promise?:slight_smile: CFA_IND, don’t tell me you live in Indianapolis, I am living in that boring place.

congrats Busprof… You’ve got one more reason to get it done with CFA soon…so you can have more time to play with BJ.

Congrats. Another milestone in life…

Holly ##@@ and I thought I had my hands full with two… congrats to you and wife!

congrats man, I’m sure that if you read to him at night from the CFA books he’ll fall asleep in a second