Level 3 Mock by Magician

Hi, I’m looking to purchase a Level 3 mock by Magician.

How can one go about it please?


I’m nearly done with the first one. I hope to have two done by the end of the month, another by the end of March, and a fourth by the end of April.

Will we find your Mock in your website for purchasing?

You will, indeed.

In the interim, you can book a marking session, and I have my command word guide available. There’s even a package with both.

If we booked a marking session with you, do we have access to your proprietary mocks? I may be mistaken, but when I signed up for your marking session a few months ago I thought it said something about picking an old exam to take and you’ll mark it up? With all of the changes to the curriculum, are you letting us take these mocks that you have created in lieu of an old CFA exam?

I want to know the same. Will I do an old test or a new one prepare for you?

I will certainly mark one of my own mock exams in lieu of an old CFA Institute exam or a current CFA Institute mock exam.

However, you’ll have to purchase the mock exams separately.

the highest quality of all mocks!

+1. I was very impressed with them last year.

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He will release two mocks by end of this month. And another in March and final one in April. All for $300. Quite expensive but still I will purchase it all.

Thank you. I am trying to sign up to your site but it keeps freezing, then comes up blank.

That’s weird.

Maybe try a different browser?

How many exams are included in the USD 275 package?

CFA® Level III Morning Exam Marking Session plus Survivor’s Guide to CFA Institute Command Words

The exams are sold separately from the marking sessions.

Once they’re available, I’ll have a package with the exams and a marking session, and another with the exams and the guide.

Would it be possible for you to display the package pricing and a buying option so that command word guide can be accessed now while mocks can be accessed as and.when available? Thx

Hi - I have tired Firefox, I cannot seem to log into your site. I really want to purchase all 4 mocks - any alternative way of purchasing?

just finished magician’s 1st mock, i’m impressed.

How did you do?

Weird that you can’t log in; I use Firefox all the time with my site.

Have you tried other browsers? If you still can’t log in, send me a PM and we’ll figure something out.