Level 3 Mock Scores

Good Morning!!! For those off you taking level 3, what mock scores would you be comfortable with at this point? I have taken 4 total. Schweser 1 (57AM,62PM = 59.5), Schweser 2 (65.5AM,56.7PM = 61.1), Schweser 3 (75AM, 73PM = 74), 2014 CFAI AM/ 2017 CFAI Mock AM (71AM,70PM). Took a week off of work earlier this month, studied 12 hours a day and took the first 3 mocks every other day. Seemed to pay off on the third. Not going to lie, I feel pretty confident going in, but I do not want to feel this way since it is killing my motivation to study. Would like to scoring at least 80.

I think if you can break the 70% mark on a consistent basis you should feel good. 75%+ even better. Anything below 68% you are leaving it up to the CFA gods to hopefully ask you questions you are comfortable with on the exam :grin:.