Level 3 mocks and practice questions

Hey all,

Here’s to the final stretch! I just wanted to create a thread where anyone can share what providers and products they will be using for mocks and practice questions for level 3 and share any feedback. I personally will be using questions/mocks from Schweser, CFAI, Mark Meldrum, IFT, Konvexity, and possibly Wiley although the test bank for them seems a little costly for what it offers. I should be finishing all the readings within the next week or 2 and will then begin drilling questions so haven’t experienced what any are like yet besides EOCs. Please feel free to share as I’m sure we could all use all the practice questions and mocks we can get our hands on.

I really, really hope that you like the mock exams from Mark Meldrum. I’m interested in feedback (positive or negative, but, I hope, kind) on them.

I thought Mark just uses outsourced exams?

I already have Schweser and CFAI. I plan on using IFT, Konvexity and Wiley mocks as well…

Past tense.

I’ll give you three guesses who’s furiously working to create four practice exams for each Level for Mark in 2019. The first two guesses don’t count.

I have absolutely zero doubts that anything Mark Meldrum puts out is anything less than platinum so I’ll be sure to post feedback.

If he uses anyone but himself, wouldnt he still be outsourcing the exams? Therefore, he uses rather than used? lol.

I may have to check out his L3 exam if its not a copy of IFT!!!

Schweser, IFT, Konvexity, CFAI. Any suggestions for other providers ?

Anyone have the CFAI essays prior to the last three years?

I think Prof.Bill Campbell writes the mock for Prof.Mark Meldrum. Apologize if my guess is wrong.

Correct on all points save one: _ Prof. _ (?) Bill.

Hey Magician,

Just wondering, do you know when these L3 mocks will be complete for Mark’s subscribers?

Many thanks!

May I suggest for the morning exam to use ONLY past CFA exams and answers? You need to develop a deep understanding of the rhythm behind the official constructed response. All other sources are interpretations, and there is no reliable way to gauge the quality of the materials.

In general, I agree with you. And I have seen some pretty bad examples of those interpretations.

That said, I believe that I did a pretty good job in my interpretation. I’ll leave it to y’all to make the final judgment (I’ve already been castigated privately for having too few questions on Equity), but my goal was to provide the closest experience to the real exam that I was able to do.

I just picked up Mark’s / Bill exam a-la-cart!

I will let you know how it goes… I plan on saving it till maybe march to start drilling them.

That’s better.

Has the mock exam been released, I don’t see it on Mark’s website?

Yes they have, I have all 4 of them :slight_smile:

Drockk, because you asked, I’d like to throw in my observation that a big problem for Level III AM essay practice is the lack of understanding around scoring and thus self-grading. You’ve got to be able to grade your essays in order to have the feedback required to improve. Grading’s not as straightforward like a multiple choice question, but the good news is that it IS systematic and this exam is still a standardized test. So I’d contribute here that learning how to structure your AM essay answers and learning how the scoring works is a critical part of Level III preparation.



Where can you find them on the website?

You have to register as a user, then email tara or mark with evidence that you are really a level 3 candidate for 2019. Then they will add access to buy the mock à la carte