Level 3 November re-exam

Hi, I just took my level 3 exam. If I would not pass it, how would the timing work for signing up to the new exam in Novembet? I mean, I think the final registration date has passed when we will have gotten the result from the May exam. Anyone?

How was ur exam?

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According to CFAI Website, registration for November is thru August 10th, roughly 70 days from now. And it also states L3 results availability “within 90 days” of the exam.

I believe they will have results back to us prior to the August 10th deadline to re-register for November.

The bigger concern, IMO, is will there be lack of availability at test centers by that point from majority of candidates for that test period having already registered ahead of those who may need to retake?

That’s a valid concern, given L2 candidates who passed this May will likely receive their results earlier and some of them will also try to register for the November L3 exam. Fingers crossed we will not need to worry about re-registering.

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