Level 3 - NYC - 2018

Hi all, I tend to stay off of the forums (too much bullsh!t & distraction) over the studying months so I figured I’d get this in early…

Send me a message if you’re interested in setting up a study group in NYC for the level 3 exam in 2018. I’m going to be chilling for the next few months. I’ll probably start to review material around November as I’m overseas for the month of December. Once I’m back I’ll be hitting the books with the goal of finishing the curriculum (including BB/EOC) with around 2 months to spare. I would really like 2 months for the review/revision phase as that’s where it really comes together for me (for level 1 & 2 I only left 1 month for this phase).

Level 3 is a different sort of beast, so I think the extra time will be really beneficial. This is the last lap so I plan to do it right!

I sat level 1 in 2016 using the Wiley books & had success with it (I really disliked their other products & had trouble with the online resources).

I sat level 2 in 2017 using the IFT videos along with the summary package and had success with it - I’m definitely considering using this method again for level 3. To go into more detail: I watched a reading’s video, reviewed the BB & answered the EOC. I studied the entire curriculum (execpt ethics which I completed in the final month) then moved onto the review videos. After each topic’s summary video I answered the IFT & CFA topic tests. I completed 3 IFT mocks and the CFA mock. I reviewed all the BB & EOC again (mainly reviewing, not re-answering). I did the topic tests a few times, focusing on weaker topics.

I will be getting a 1 month Mark Meldrum membership to see how he compares to IFT.

I studied solo for level 1 & 2 which wasn’t very fun. It would be great to have a person or group to get together with once a week or so to share the ‘experience’ with.

I live & work in Manhattan.