Level 3 NYC Re-Takers ..Take 2...

I know we tried to get together right before Labor Day…but many people bailed… I am trying to rally another meet-up to establish a network that can discuss our strategies to destroy this test come June and keep us motivated…Little LuLu…how about Heartland again???

What about east side? Know a great place on 38th and 2nd. Perhaps next Wed at 6PM

Let’s do it!! I like Heartland but would be open to other suggestions. PtrainerNY: What place do you have in mind?

Hi, If any NYC L3 re-takers want to meet up, there will be an informal get-together tomorrow (Thursday) at Heartland Brewery on 51st and 6th at 7:30. ciao for now, little_lulu =)

Did you guys get together? What’s the next time you are planning on meeting? Please let me know, I am interested.