Level 3 "official" pass rates for AF candidates?

I use to see, especially before the exam, such sentences like “AF guys have more chance to pass on average”.

Intuitively, I personal agree as it seems logical.

Do anyone have real (or nominal:-) ) figures on that, for instance based on the last 5 years or more?

Just think about it now (post exam trauma :wink: ). May psychologically help for this two months waiting <


most people who fail don’t post results…, any posted figures will be biased.

Survivorship Bias

Also, only the candidates that have an incentive to report their results will…

If anything, most people I know say to stay away from AF because a lot of it is polluted by people (candidates) who don’t know exactly what they are talking about and cause more harm then good. I think if every candidate AF member were to post there results, it would be below average.

based on the results thread from previous years and considering FAILS don’t always post in there… I’d say the distribution is about the same as the general population… 50/50

smart… going with the safe passive bet. I like my negative bias forecast tilt. bahahaha sad when you use study material in conversation.

Well, isn’t one of the common reasons for posting because people are looking for help or info? I think that would apply even for posters who will do very well on the exam.

Full disclosure, I almost never posted before finishing level 3. Now I have some spare time.

Ya i think it’s different from people who need help and get help from someone with a proven track record like cpk or s2000, but if someone like me is posting all day to help, well its, probably not helping others as much or myself because I haven’t really proven I know the concepts yet. After getting that tip from multiple people i stopped posting relevant stuff the very last month to focus on me. And looking back at it there was just so much crap on the forums that was wrong, irrelevant, or misleading.