Level 3 original exam 2010

Has the CFA institute shared the original 2010 morning session? If so can someone plz tell me where can i find it? Thanx.

should be here: http://www.cfainstitute.org/mycfa/candidate/aboutexams/Pages/cfa_exam_sample_questions.aspx although I can see only 2007-2009 now, this is strange, some time ago there was 2010 available. I downloaded it. try this: http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/courseofstudy/Documents/level_III_essay_questions_2010.pdf http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprogram/courseofstudy/Documents/level_III_guideline_answers_2010.pdf

Thanx alot. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I witnessed the exact same issues, but eventually was able to download the 2010 AM exam questions. Also, once you’ve had the chance to go through it, let me know what your (and anyone who happens to have done it) thoughts are, because I found it to be pretty easy. Thanks!

dont misunderestimate the exam room/time pressure factor…

presumably you are timing yourself on the practices, so I don’t know what added pressure there would be beyond the exam room. Anyone take schweser’s pract tests? Thoughts on applicability? Historically I thought they have been for the most part excellent (and typically more difficult in my opinion than the real deal). So far I have taken 2010 volume 2 exam 3 (first book i bought used and was written in), got a 65% only because i bombed GIPS in the afternoon, morning TBD haven’t graded yet.

ahh, thanks… this is the test that failed me last year… ugh

what happened to the 09/08/07 exams that were posted?

programmer , is it true that this is verbatim copy of the morning test? I was thinking it is a sample exam .

its actual past morning exams not samples…

Freaking CFA website is a train wreck. Nowhere on the “toolbox” or whatever they call it are the old exams. So I did a search and stumbled upon 2009 and 2008 but no 2010. More searches and I found 2010. Just put them with the samples and mocks, would you? SPOILER: Next few comments are about 2010 exam so if you want to do it completely without influence, stop now. Re: 2010 exam. I took it last year. Time pressure does get to you, but I totally gacked the tax grid on the first IPS question. For some unknown reason, I assumed the bonds were tax-free, then I started thinking about tax lots and how that would affect what I would sell and good god what a choke. I also F’d up the required return calc because I made it way more complicated by netting the tax. There were a few questions that no matter how much I studied I probably wouldn’t get. But the key is getting the points where you know the material. That should be enough to pass. I hope. I do agree that the test was not crazy hard with tons of calcs or lists that need to be memorized. But you have to crank through the material to get to the end.

Thanks a lot for 2010 links ! Good luck

As far as i can recall, it looks to be verbatim.

it’s easy to sit in your armchair and think that the exam looks so easy and reasonable. Just try taking it under exam conditions. Don’t fall into the overconfidence trap…

DoubleDip Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > it’s easy to sit in your armchair and think that > the exam looks so easy and reasonable. Just try > taking it under exam conditions. Don’t fall into > the overconfidence trap… +1

I took and passed level III last year. I remember thinking that the 09, and 08 AM sessions looked real easy. Then I sat for this thing, and nearly pissed my pants for 3 hrs. Only passed because I slaughtered the PM session.

Jut, would you attribute that to the increased “exam room” pressure? Or do you feel you just got the shaft and it was more difficult. IE is this a “pressure” thing, or a “depends if they hit your weak points” thing?

i think the fear and pressure makes you blank out. like when people go on stage and forget lyrics that they’ve practiced hundreds of times before.


pfcfaataf Thank you kindly for posting those links mate. Much appreciated. Hup hup!