Level 3 Prep Course Toronto - In class

Hello, Wondering if anyone on here have experience with any of the prep course provider in Toronto.

I’m considering rewriting this exam after couple years off and looking for a good in class provider, hopefully help make this process a little painful.

If you could share your experience that would be much appreciated…

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Passing the CFA with Michael Hlinka!


Industry Pass Rate for Level 3 in 2014, 54%. People who pass his course had a pass rate of 94.4%.

I took his course - intense, but very thorough.

These data are interesting, as CFA Institute strictly forbids prep providers from disclosing the pass rates of their clients.

Very high pass rates, but I believe their program starts in October. Has anyone tried Fitch or schewsers level 3 program?

Too late to enter into Mr. Hlinka’s class. He is the BEST, genius in and out. Straight up drill sargeant. Remembers every students name in his class, very energetic, and makes you motivated. No However, I do believe a Schwezer one starts at u Of t in January.

Just to let you know that program costs $3100 and they are not a prep provider listed on CFA Institute’s website, so I guess they can say what they want.

The only prep provider in Toronto that is listed on CFA Institute’s website is the program run by Prof. Gordon at Exam Success.