Level 3 Schweser Material Question

I’m going through the thick, vine-laden jungle that is the L3 curriculum and plan to get the Schweser notes as I did last year. But I couldn’t find any sample online of the L3 notes this year. I have a couple questions: 1) How are they, format wise (same as level 2, cliff-note style), summarize, etc. and 2) How would you rate them personally?

please tell me they are the same “thickness” as the L2 books. after going through 150 pages in one of the CFAI books, i am thinking the same. Time to pony up and buy Schweser…

The Schweser style is pretty much the same as last year. There seems to be more practice questions from what I’ve seen so far, and there are some pretty handy exam tips they have added…at least I don’t remember them from the Level 2 books. I’d say in total they are pretty much the same thickness as last years Level 2 books. I’m starting with Schweser and will supplement them with the CFAI books on those sections that I think don’t go into enough detail, or that I struggle with. Will definately do all the questions from the CFAI books as well. I totally agree, reading all that CFAI material is a tough task. Kudos to those that do it, but I got through one book and that was it for me. As soon as I got the Schweser stuff I was right into it. To date I’ve read books 1 and 4 and am now halfway through book 2. So far so good, I think.

JP good to see you back …havent seen you around AF for a while . Damn looks like I’m going to have to buy schweser …so far I havent made much progress with the CFAI readings , although some of the examples in there are interesting .

Hey Rudeboi, how ya doing? The readings are extensive. I’m doing a bit here and there and my progress is quite slow compared to L1 and L2. The only annoying section from L1 or L2 was that FSA, cashflow analysis stuff.

Schweser books are approximaetly 1/2 the CFAI texts.