Level 3 Southern California

Anyone down to have a full-day group study session soon? The big day is coming!

Anywhere in LA/OC/SanBernardino/Riverside is fine with me I can travel.

Hey, I’d be down to get together for a group study session. I’d vote for sooner rather than later. I’m in South OC.

Sounds good, maybe later this week would be a good time-

Location pending in case there might be more who want to join in

I do a lot of tutoring at a Starbuck’s in Anaheim Hills.

I have some Level II and Level III candidates.

If you’d like to join, you’re always welcome.

That sounds good! Are they informal sessions?

When do you guys normally meet up, and which starbucks?

Usually the candidates bring specific questions and we discuss those.

La Palma and Imperial, near the Cinema City theater and Knowlwood.

I see. How often do you guys meet?


The current group is Monday evenings, but any day in the next couple of weeks is open if you’d like a final brush-up.

I know with memorial day and all but are you guys meeting up today? or next week

I’m meeting with one Level III candidate at 4:00 today, and two others at 6:00 today.

We’ll likely be meeting next week as well.

Cool, I’ll be able to make it down there by 6.