Level 3 Study Break Ideas

I just did a couple of drug deals and shot up a strip club. I took down the strippers and bouncers after getting my lap dance. Then I killed a couple of cops and stole a patrol car and drove myself off a bridge. I wasn’t going to turn myself in or let them cops catch me… …Gotta love Grand Theft Auto IV

haha…I took the dog for a walk…yeah mine was almost as exciting.

anyone looking forward to an Indian Jones study break next week. I think I’ll wait till Sat so I can push myself through a practice exam on Saturday with something to look forward to…

Go to the gym, watch baseball. But maybe you NYY and NYM fans might want to avoid baseball for awhile.

Come on, you guys don’t take study breaks???

For LIII, I had a different way to take my breaks. I get sick every 2 weeks, not a good way to take your break. But when you get well you concentrate hell a lot better.

i get dressed up, take the train, sit in front of the computer for the 12 hour study break… and then back to work…

I get dressed up, drive into work, sit in front of a computer for 10-12 hours, drive home, eat dinner, study, walk dog, maybe study, go to bed…

willy, stop following me :wink:

3rd & Long, stop following me :wink: