LEVEL 3 studying strategies

one more thing, and i hope i am hopping off AF for good… do not think that if one topic appears many times on sample CFAI tests, it will appear on the exam. dont think that new topics will appear on the exam. (may be 90% of topics that were tested in and out on sample tests and I was particularly weak at - and very stressed about - have never appeared on the exam). therefore dont focus only on few topics, keep it broad. i thought overall exam was testing material much more superficially than what the study material has suggested.

compared to level II how would you compare Level III ? It seems some say more difficult… but how exactly ? more technical stuff ? more soft skills needed ? welcome your point of view…

I would suggest that when doing practice exams, also practice handwriting and make sure that you write fast.

soft skills, understanding big picture, was more important than knowing technical stuff, although attributions (including currencies) was pure technical. i have a very vague recollection about the exam though, its erased from my memory the second i step out of the door. so i hope someone else with good memory can comment.