Level 3 - the ins and outs!

Hi - I am doing level 3 this June and have used Schweser for the last two. NOW! - my issue is this - how long until we can get the notes etc - I want to start this side of Christmas as I am getting married 3 weeks before the exam ( I know I know ) Is it wise to get the CFAI curriculum and also schweser ( too much me thinks ) or maybe just hold on for Schweser. Can I get the readings separately and start to go through them with a view to really learn them when Schweser sends out its notes? any tips advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Fergal

Fergal, you’ll have to take my post with a grain of salt, as I’m merely a lowly Level II re-taker. But seriously, I expect a higher level of awareness from my Level III Candidate seniors. 1) you should know by now that beginning with the 2008 exams, the official CFA curriculum is included with exam registration, so you’re receiving those books regardless. Should you get Schweser products too? That’s up to you. They’ve clearly served you well so far. 2) As a customer of Schweser, and presumably someone who can navigate a website, you should be aware that Schweser has every interest in keeping you abreast of their product availability. So but I’ll just throw you a bone: http://www.schweser.com/cfa3.php#product_availability_insert_link On a side note, congratulations on your upcoming marriage, but don’t disappoint me again in this forum, I’ll be watching your posts :slight_smile:

thanks but I never got the CFAI books before - point being I know Schweser is coming out in dribs and drabs but is the time they save you worth it if you have to wait all that time? If I can get all the CFAI books now - it might make more sense for me to use them as I am time constrained next year. Flipside is I am used to Schweser - but I am seeing that people reckon they ar not up to scratch these days - and I am not prepared to resit level 3 .

search this forum Schweser vs readings has been discussed a few gazillion of times recently in essence Schweser is good at summarising the topics and hence excellent once you are your third or fourth revision but for most its not sufficient to pass I highly recommend doing all the assigned probs in the readings

You guys both make excellent points. I used Schweser for 1 and 2, but it seems it’s come to the point CFAI designs their exam to the CR more and more each year. Read a post from L3 2006 where CR users said the exam was “cut and past” whereas Schweser users struggled. Having said that, I’m trying to currently strategizing for the coming year. I just got the CR a couple of days ago and I will tell you that it will be quite the adjustment from Schweser! If anybody has an idea how to cope, let me know! hiredguns, saw you post many times, hurry up and get’r done, I want to see you on L3!

Bambi - UAECFA - many thanks for your posts - really good - I think you have convinced me to go the CFAI route - at least they are there and I can get on them know good luck to you in June!

I’m using both and i’m going to do even more practice tests then I did for L2. This is one of the most important fights of my career and I understand the viciousness of my opponent. I’ll be in the best shape of my life.

Hi after passing levelIII using Schweser and seeing the topic breakdown, I’ll say two things: - start with CFAI books, if you want to still use Schweser (they are good, after all) do so as a review method - plan your study so that you do as many practice exams (both test and written) as you possibly can! good luck and congrats on wedding

After trying the easy way, I’m on board with Bambi. CFAI and end of chapter problems and old tests is only way to go. Frustrating part is you can get really close with minimal effort but not over the line - as it should be, by the way, so I’m not complaining.

The lesson I learned is that you’d better go through all CFAI readings and end of chapter problems. Scheswer does a better job in levels 1 and 2 than level 3. I passed Levels 1 and 2 only with Schewser notes (80 hrs for level 1 and 150 hrs for level 2) easily but the on level 3 the essay questions killed me, although I did well on the PM multiple choice questions. For stuff you don’t know on the essay questions, you get absolutely zero, not 25% as in the multiple choices. Now that CFAI readings are bundled with registration, I am not going to use Scheswer anymore.

got the books today - opened the packaging - a few choice words came out of my mouth. My mate asked if I wanted to play golf on saturday - I said no… gonna start studying…aaarrrrgh

Fergal Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My mate asked if I wanted to play golf on saturday > - I said no… Much much much too soon for this, imho.

I started reading but still play golf and shoot pheasants. By the way, the questions/answers at the end of Reading 15 were interesting. Readings 16-20 were a bit dry.

Shooting pheasants…Ah man how I miss that. I’ve been in the UAE now for two years and I can’t tell you how much I miss the endless walking on a cool, crisp, sunny Autumn day with the leaves changing colour all around you. Niagara, Ontario didn’t have that much game but just the hunt was all worth it. I also miss my old show “Hunting with Hank”…the greatest gun dog ever!

Heck, you should go out and shoot peasants!