Level 3 Time Pressure

When I was taking Level 2 last year - I ended up having at least 40 minutes left in each session. What is Level 3 like in terms of time pressure?

For the morning session, I was pressed for time and had to rush to complete all of the questions. For the afternoon session, I finished probably 45 minutes early.

did u pass :)?

I’m been writing down the time when I start a question and then write down the time when I finish and compare it to the allotted time, so far I have been under…

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > did u pass :)? Fortunately, yes. I scored pretty badly in the morning session. I actually had to re-write the answer to the first question because I wrote the answer in the wrong section of the booklet and it set me back a bit. For the remainder of the session I was rushing and barely finished on time. In the afternoon session, I scored every topic above 70%.

I’ve been keeping track of the time left on the three exam sections I’ve done, CFA 2005 written, and Schweser 1A and 1P. I had at least 20 minutes on each one. Obviously, the written section presents more uncertainty. If you know what you’re doing and keep answers on point, I think time shouldn’t be too much of an issue. For the item sets, the 20 minutes left was about my standard from L2, if I remember correctly.

TMurf, I was wondering, for the afternoon, did you practice a lot to get more than 70 % on it - what was your stratagy ?

Do you guys feel that bullet point answers in the morning session will be sufficient or are they expecting full sentences/paragraphs etc… My strategy going in was to basically use bullet points to answer any questions that may be presented in the morning session.

its sasys Bullet ponit are fine.

Beautiful… that’s what I wanted to hear!

I’ve heard bullets are okay but where does it say bullet points are fine?

look on the CFAI webiste…I’m not doing your homework.

derswap07 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > TMurf, > > I was wondering, for the afternoon, did you > practice a lot to get more than 70 % on it - what > was your stratagy ? Just lots of preparation I guess. I studied only using the CFAI text and the CFAI online exams and had no life (emphasis on had no life).

How many hours-time did you put in ?

Also, How many times did your review and last two weeks ?

also, how many bowel movements in the day before the exam?

Hmm. Not really sure how many hours I put in but I would guess over 550 between January 1st and the exam. I think I had close to a month of review time and I took the week before the exam off of work. I spent almost every waken hour that last week studying, except for Friday where I took the day off and relaxed. The key is to take a 15 minute break every 45 minutes that you study.

Any other tips for us poor suffering souls ?

550 hours?! i am definitely going to fail if that’s what it takes. still reviewing, haven’t cracked book six yet… uh oh.