Level 3 vs Level 2

Looking for some advice on how best to tackle Level 3… Obviously Level 2 is a completely different beast than Level 1, but how would those of you who passed 3 rate it in terms of difficulty. It seems there is much less information, and less detail oriented than level 2. I understand that just putting in the time and effort is all one can do, but are there any tips that you have on how best to master the information would help us all…

Use the CFA Texts and do all examples and questions…take the last three years of essay questions (provided by CFA Institute for free on website.) Notice that the first 4 or so questions are very similar each year, so NAIL THEM. And as you say, put in the time and effort–no one who passed today regrets the effort last spring, but I am sorry to say some who failed regret their effort last spring.

its a completely different exam. there is really no way to quantify that and explain it to you, other than to say DO NOT take it lightly and let up. put every bit of effort in as you did for level 2 and then some and you will be ready.